Friday, June 29, 2012

ABC about me!

 Some ABC's about me and what's been happening lately.

A - A nice day on the beach. And luckily for me, in August I'll get some of those :D

B - Biking and bum workouts. Yesterday I went for a little bike ride, and a long walk and did a little bum workout. Gotta love the bum burn ;) (Unless it's a rug burn on your bum... I would imagine that to be unpleasant).

C - Cookies. I have a niece that has been obsessed with cookies lately and talks about them quite frequently. So cookies were bound to come up. C is for cookies.

D - Driving with the window down and the tunes playing... it's just kind of a peaceful relaxing time (mainly when it's not in city traffic...).

E - Exercise! Love it. I'm grateful when I'm well enough and have the time to do so :)

F - Family and friends. I've always appreciated them...but they've also been especially helpful in regards to my wedding. Thanks everyone! Love you!

G - Groceries. A full fridge and lots of options. I like that.

H - Having someone there for me almost all the time. Scott...I love you and appreciate all you do for me.

I - I think this is a joke. You obviously know it's ice cream -.- duh. (Home made FTW!)

J - Jumping and leaping! Lately I've been going on lots of walks (and also watching sytycd)...and for some reason I've been enjoying jumping around and being a weirdo. Normal, right?

K - Knives. Good knives are wonderful things! Not so wonderful? Not using them safely and slicing your finger... :( (you can use your imagination for what I was doing).

L - Laughing :D Oh how laughing can change/brighten up a day.

M - Market mall Petland. Oh how I love going to see and hold the pups and kittens :3

N - Not having to set an alarm clock. Those glorious days when you can sleep 'til your hearts content!

O -Opening mail...and packages! It's just kind of exciting :)

P - Personal pizza, home made pizza! That's what we had last night - delish :3

Q -  Quiet time to myself. I don't like it all the time...but sometimes, it's really really nice! Need to recharge my Trudyness.

R - Rain no more! RAIN GO AWAY! WE'VE HAD ENOUGH! Kthanks.

S - Summer & sunshine :D If only some sunshine would stick around here...we've had a few decently warm days, but not much sun :(

T - TV...namely SYTYCD  (as S was already taken) ;)

U - Upper floor heat. As in the upper floor of a house being unbearably warm and uncomfortable. (Like out in Strathmore {they have no A/C} gets so hot by the end of the day! Thank goodness I get to sleep in the basement...)

V - vehicles. (Scott gets to pick up his new truck today - GMC Sierra 1500). Makes me get the itch for a new vehicle, not enough to actually scratch the itch though...just make it mildly uncomfortable (if that makes sense at all...).

W - WAX! As in waxing my legs. Let me tell you something... I hadn't shaved my legs in a long time, over a month - possibly 2! Anyways, disgusting or not, my leg hairs were at maximum capacity! And it didn't really matter because no one really saw them and I didn't care! But yesterday, I looked down at my legs and thought to myself...Wow, that's gross - I can't take it anymore. But I couldn't just shave it away, I had to wax it! So a niece and I biked to Wal Mart, some supplies were acquired, and then it was back home to get down to business! Anyways, be disgusted if you wish...I was too.
PS, this was NOT just one pull...more like half a calf
And then the irritation of the waxing began to set in! (As you can see by the little red bumpies).
But the result was smooth, much less hairy legs ;)

X - X-citement (what, was I supposed to put xylophone?!!) for the wedding, our upcoming vacation, time off work, and a new life to spend with Scott :)

Y - You! To the few people that read, thanks :)

Z - ZZZ! Sleep. I haven't been getting as much as I'd like...but life is busy and things have been good - so it's ok! Soon I'll be able to get some! (Hopefully...).

Byeas for meow :)!


  1. Trudy! I just waxed too! First time in a few years and I honestly thought I was gonna die... But at least no shaving for a few weeks! Yeah!

    1. Ah! Awesome! Yes, it was definitely a bit painful at times...but totally worth it!

  2. I enjoyed this :) Glad to see you are doing well. Sorry I don't comment more often these days. But never fear, we're getting internet in a couple of weeks! yay!

    1. Yay! I look forward to more blogs from you and more comments :)