Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Lonely Breakfast Essentials

Did you get your breakfast essentials today?
Have you tried these?

Most times, lately anyways, I'm not hungry for a few hours after waking up. So I'll take something to have at work. And these are nice and easy!
Don't get me wrong, I also love cereal and would eat it for every meal of the day...but that's not always the easiest and quickest thing to transport. And it's probably good to switch it up every now and then ;).

WARNING: Strawberry flavor is pretty much disgusting. I use chocolate. Good day.
These aren't anything amazing... but they're easy and pretty decent. Just under 300 calories (depending on which % milk you use). So most mornings, I've been getting my "Essentials" ;)

You know how there's days...where everyone seems to be messaging you and you're either busy or just not in the mood? Well today seems to be the opposite. It's like...where the heck is everyone? I'm lonely and want to talk! Though I reckon everything goes two ways, right? ;)

Guess it's my turn to message someone!

Hope all is well out there! And remember, if you're lonely or just feel like talking...comment or get a hold of me! I'm generally pretty willing to talk ;)

Toodles for meow :)!


PS. What's your breakfast routine? Do you eat at a certain time? Usually have a certain thing?

PPS. What do you think of this conversation? ;) 

PPPS. It's hump dayyyy :D

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