Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Hola Senora!

Alright, so basically. I've had a bunch of posts just piling up because I've been too busy/lazy/sickly to get them up. A couple weeks ago, Scott was still in town, and we headed to a mall to do a little wandering (we frequently wander around malls).
But what this post is getting to, is what we had for lunch. SUSHI! I had once said I'll never try sushi (and technically I haven't really tried much sushi at all) but I've tried cucumber rolls and I love them :D

So really it depends on if you consider these sushi. Because I won't eat any of the crazy fishy ones. But these are delicious :3
Scott will try all sorts of crazy concoctions. How could someone so sweet enjoy such disturbing things??

And that's all for meow.

OH! Except one little update... Scott and I found an apartment! Basement suite, lease for 9 months just because it's pretty decent and in the meantime, we can look for something else. 

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