Thursday, June 21, 2012

Showers in all sense of the word

It's mid-June. The weather has been utter crap. For realz.

Rain, hail, winds, thunder, lightning, clouds. Garbage.
Will the sun come out tomorrow? (ok the sun is kind of out today)

But in another meaning, I had 2 bridal showers this past weekend (thus contributing to my lack of sleep). But they were really fun! Thanks to those who threw them for both know who you are ;) (I would put up your names if you wanted me to).

And I'm sorry to tell you, but I actually have no pictures...from either! I was just enjoying the time.

But I will give a shout out to Nani, W, Francesca, and a bunch of my family and Scott's family for coming out. It was a good time :)

And another angle of showers, I've also taken multiple showers this past weekend? Which is pretty normal... but I guess you can bathe if you want to??

Showers for meow :)!

PS. Scott and I get married in 3 and a half weeks. AH!

PPS. Look at this intense shower...It's on sale for only 7,299.00!

PPPS. Did you know it's officially Summer? As of yesterday :o!

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