Thursday, June 21, 2012


Well... Scott's been gone for about a week and a half and I miss him. A lot. But he'll be getting back in a few I guess that's good.

I'm still sick so I wasn't able to go to soccer on Tuesday :( Boo.
I hope all this sickness goes away before the wedding.

I still need to figure out a few things before the for myself and bridal party, hair for myself and bridal party, clothing for parts of the day, but things are finally starting to come together.

It was really nice to see W and Nani this past weekend. I've missed you guys. (And it's always nice to see Francesca as well...PS, thanks for agreeing to be part of the wedding party) :3

Happy Belated Father's Day! I considered posting on Sunday...but no. I was with family, and that takes priority yo.

PS. My dad is awesome...but I'm sure everyone thinks that ;) (about their own dad's...) 

What's new with all of you? Hmm?

Ciao for meow :)!

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