Wednesday, June 6, 2012

A past time... (a couple weeks ago...)

So yes, a couple weeks ago, Francesca and I had a weekend together - yay! It had been a long time and it was fun :3
(She mentioned she hoped it would make the blog...I assured her it would - then I forgot -.-)

It was a beautiful day! We got up, worked out, went for a walk, made a delicious crepe filled breaky, watched a TV show (which I can't remember...but it was funny), headed over to her place, went on ANOTHER walk (really...we probably walked like 15-20 km), and then had a ROCK BAND PARTY :D YAY! It was fun, and now I want another.
But here are the pictures from the day (all 2 of them).

This dog gets very excited about throwing the "doggy bags" away.

How do you like Francesca's sunglasses? Mainly I just like that she looks like Cousin It :D
(Do you see me??) :3

So there you have it! Sorry that took a bit ;)

Ta ta for meow :)!

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