Monday, June 4, 2012

Kitty kitty I mentioned about making something a post of it's own - here it is!
When I went down to Lethbridge, my mom told me there was a random cat on the deck. So I ran up and sure enough... a cute, cuddly cat! :3
This cat did have a collar, and it seemed so needy and just wanted continuous attention. So either this cat is usually ignored, or very spoiled and wants attention all the time!

Loved the tummy rubs and scratches...
No kitty, you can't come in! (But as soon as the mother leaves, I'll give you some milk ;3)
Kitty meowed at the door for a bit until he saw me in the kitchen window...
And then kitty wanted in! He demands attention!

I played with kitty for a while...but eventually I went in and after a couple of hours, he must've found his way home. I wondered if he might return (because I actually did give him milk!), but my mumsie has said she hasn't seen him since.
Oh well.
Miss you kitty! (Now to get one of my own...)

Toodles for meow :3!

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