Monday, June 4, 2012


Update! Alright, things have been a liiiiittttle busy lately. But it's a little more calm right now, just a little. 
SO, besides getting a terrible cold sore (not as bad as my first one...but really ANY coldsore is bad...), moving out to Strathmore (which is going alright, by the way), this past weekend...Benifred and Francesca got married! Ah crazy...but ah yay! It was fun :)

Scott and I also managed to go see MIB3. It was really good! Now I want to watch the old ones again... but I would highly recommend it if you're at all interested ;)

So yes, Strathmore, things are pretty relaxed there...the only unfortunate thing is all the driving. But tis alright, I can take it!

Still trying to work things out wedding wise, and find a place before July 1st (and ideally before Scott goes back to work) D:

But other than that, all is reasonably well!

Anything else you wish to know?

What's going on out there?

Hope all is well!

Bye bye for meow :)!

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