Friday, December 23, 2011

Christmas (Eve)^2

Merry Eve Squared to you all!

23rd! With only 2 days until Christmas! Or as Lambie has been putting it, only 2 sleeps left!

On the 11th day of Christmas a Trudy gave to you, extra 11:11 wishes :D, 10 added food pounds, 9 pomegranates, 8 hot cocoas, 7 mandarin oranges, 6 snuggly pillows, 5 kinder eggggs, 4 awesome nut trays, 3 French toast, 2 candy canes and a nice, warm, fuzzy toque! :3

So what did all y'all get up to yesterday?? I found myself baking a small herd of cookies! I made some crescent cookies (also called Mexican wedding cookies...), which are basically shortbread with either almonds or pecans and icing sugar on top. Tasty ;)

If you want a recipe...let me know :D

Then I made some cookies that I've been wanting to try for a while, I got it off of a blog called Bo's Bowl and if you want the recipe head over here. Basically, they're chocolate cookies made with cake mix...with a rolo inside! They are quite tasty but I found them difficult to gauge the time, though I do have a fairly crappy oven... They seemed way too soft but then it seemed as though they were in too long! I'm sure I'd have to experiment with them... Anyways, they taste delicious they're just a little crunchy ;). ( 18.25oz box is equal to a 517 gram box here).

THEN I still had some Rolo's left over and I wanted to try something else! So I got a recipe from Paige (from Running Around Normal) for this simple but tasty treat! If you like sweet/salty together, then you'll probably like these :). They were especially good fresh! (When I made them, I didn't push them down that far...I did with a couple and I was like "Mess!". I forgot you're supposed to set them in the fridge) ;)

One annoying thing from all this.... you can't buy bags of Rolo here! I had to buy like 9 individual rolls of Rolo! (Don't hurt me Rolo...I still love you <3).

So that was my last nights adventures! It took a while...but hopefully it's worth it. Cookies for everyone!

Can't wait to head down to Lethbridge tonight :D! Happy travels everyone! (Or happy stay homesies as well...).

Toodles for meow :)!

RANDOM FACT ABOUT ME -- Did you ever do that? Look at the clock exactly at 11:11 and you get to make a wish?? I never did actually...I always said "11:11 someone's thinking of me!". I don't remember who/where I learned it from...but I still do it today :D

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