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Thursday, December 8, 2011

Thursday is kind of sort of almost the weekend

And baby its cold outside! ;) (for the last 2 weeks I should post christmas songs! But that would require me to actually get on my computer to post it likely wont happen...we'll see...) One unfortunate thing I did realize is that it my posts are all plain color :'( So i'll probably be wanting to do some posts on the computer relatively soon anyways! Soooo...Day 8, 17 days til Christmas.

17 was a good age, just saying. It seems like such a long time ago! High school was wrapping up, I was starting college and ysa, and I was seemingly very determined (until I realized I didn't want to be a nurse at all). Things probably could've been handled a little differently but alas, it is what it is and here I am today.

Here at work, I don't know how it gets so cold! I'm wearing 2 sweaters and a scarf (this one isn't that itchy...but equally strangleable) to try and stay warm ...and I'm still chilly! Goodness... If I freeze, think of me fondly (two lyrics from songs in one post, look at me go!), eat ice cream and bury all my things with me ;) if these requests aren't followed, I will haunt you (well that'll happen regardless, but just do it. I lived a decent life!) ;l

Oh! Last night at the gym, a random guy started talking to me on the bikes. He was impressed that I was reading while working out. And he kept staring at my legs and asked if I was a soccer player(?). It was slightly creepy I guess, but he was a nice guy :) so shout out to the random gym dude named Kurt who goes to SAIT.

Annnnndddd break! But yes, I think that's it...maybe...hopefully. Yes. Good enough as you'll hear from me tomorrow ;)

Peace for meow :)!

RANDOM FACT ABOUT ME -- Hmmm welllllll, I noticed that almost every morning when I wake up I push snooze at least a couple times and then I find my brain trying to calculate how I can get out of work that day or excuses not to go.'s almost every day. Does this happen to you??
What are your first thoughts upon waking up??

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