Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Following Myself

On the second day of Christmas a Trudy gave to you, 2 candy canes and a nice, warm, fuzzy toque ;)

So here we are at day 14! With 11 days until Christmas. As it creeps ever near, hopefully you're getting your shopping done! But don't forget to keep in mind the other aspects of Christmas and try to keep the Spirit of Christmas alive ;)

Annnnd moving yesterday I didn't hear about a concert. It could've happened but I didn't really feel like going out anyways! So I went to get a few groceries, did some yoga-ing, and ate myself a pomegranate! All in all a fairly relaxed and enjoyable evening. So tonight I've got to get myself to the gym again! As it's been a few days...

I think I see snow outside! Hopefully it doesn't get too bad...but overall, snow makes it feel like Christmas (we all know in Canada and all {especially Alberta}). So drive careful, stay warm, have fun and try to do something for someone else...even something little.

It looks so peaceful :D

So I have a you remember when I said I tried to "follow" myself and it didn't work?? Well, I tried again yesterday...and it worked :D And then I felt like I had sunk to a strange level of conceitedness. So I unfollowed myself. True story. The end.

Au revoir for meow :)!

RANDOM FACT ABOUT ME -- I'm a hair twirler. You know when you twist it and spin your fingers through it? It doesn't matter if it's soft or not, I still do it (though it's nicer when it's soft and fluffy ;3). And I don't even have specific times when I do it, though I think I may do it more when I'm stressed or nervous. *shrugs* It's kind of an annoying habit... Help me!

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