Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Tuesday is closer to the weekend than Monday!

(Considering we can't exactly go back in time...)

This thought is seriously what's been getting me through the day. "Hey it's Tuesday! That's almost Wednesday and Wednesday is like the halfway point of the week, then before I know it...it'll be Friday :D". Sad...but hey, whatever works right?? ;3

So we finally get to crossover, and the halfway mark between The beginning of December and Christmas is here (or rather has passed...)! Day 13, with 12 days until Christmas. So technically this was supposed to be the start of the "12 days of Christmas" ;) So keep in mind that on the first day of Christmas a Trudy gave to you, a nice, warm, fuzzy toque! For a visual, look at my previous post ;)

I don't know...I haven't got a whole lot for ya today. Last night was FHE, Behind Sapphire did a free concert for everyone which was pretty good. It was interesting because the sound wasn't working how they wanted it to, so they switched to acoustic which was different, but they're always fun! I still haven't heard if they have a concert tonight, so...I...probably won't let you know, but just so you know...there might be one.

So it's definitely the Christmas season, and because I've been talking about them lately...I figured I should share Behind Sapphire's "Christmas Nigh" with you again. It's just a short song but it's happy and fun so :)

Has anyone else been listening to a ton of Christmas music?? I've probably heard enough to last everyone for Christmas ;) NEED MOAR! This one has always been amusing to me...so intense!

Anyways, carry on with your day. Oh! Nani, here I was thinking you were going to comment on my blog every day and you stopped after 2. It was tragic unto me. Good luck during exams though ;) Look forward to singing with you!

Byeas for meow :)!

RANDOM FACT ABOUT ME -- I don't recall if I've mentioned this or not...but one of my favorite fruits are pomegranates! And sadly, they aren't around all the time. I'm taking full advantage of their season right now ;) So delish~

PS. Update on the stye eye: It's shown signs of improvement and should heal up nicely (it better!). I wore my glasses again today, they hurt my eyes D:


  1. Sorry I stopped commenting. We don't have internet at our place so once school finished my interneting has diminished greatly.