Thursday, December 29, 2011

Fam Damily! And Voluptuous Hair!

So the real world is alright...I guess...

But shout out to my sister Lambie who just got MARRIED today! Congratulations :)! So happy for you :D

The main thing about the real world that's most unfortunate is alarms...I like sleeping to my hearts content D;

Anyways, that's really all I've got today...(heading out to strathmore!)

Lame? Who cares! :3

Byeah for meow :)!

OH! So today the fine fellow said to me... " I like your hair, it's very voluptuous! "
Me..."Do you mean voluminous?" x)
Fine fellow..."...shut up..."



  1. In my defense, it was rather early in the morning...

  2. commented on my blog! And no, there is no defense...