Friday, December 9, 2011


So Friday and the weekend are here. Though it doesn't really feel like the weekend because I work tomorrow :< but yay for money I suppose...especially nice around Christmas.
Day 9, 16 days til Christmas. It seems to be coming pretty quickly!

So do you remember a while back web I talked about Behind Sapphire?? (refer to these posts :) :( ;/ )
Anyways, they're back on tour to promote their new songs and this is short notice but they'll be in Lethbridge tonight and they'll be playing at The Slice, so if you have a chance...check them out!
Then they'll be playing a show here in Calgary on Saturday night and here's be a link to the details for that! {{LINK}}

I realized this link might not work for you! And if it doesn't, here's the address:
1119 10 Ave SE, Calgary, AB T2G 0S8 (called The Area)
And it'll be going from about 7 to 10.

I haven't heard their new stuff but I do know they're really good and so much fun! Seriously, check em out! For realz...

Hmm I guess it's time for another 5 Things Friday..."Things that are nice about it being snowy out...I guess" Edition!

1. Sledding! If there's a good hill and it's not too cold out and there's not a bajillion kids in the way, then sledding is awesome! :D

2. Snowboarding! I've only been once, and I remember doing many face plants and being disgustingly sore after/the next day...but I also remember it being a lot of fun!

3. To be does look really pretty out when everything is covered in white! (though it's also pretty when it's green and there's flowers and such...)

4. An excuse to let the animals/pets in for the cold :D save all the things! ( a lot of you won't get that...don't worry about it). Sadly there's been no strays hanging around my door and I have no pets of my own to let in from the cold
:< Save all the hobo's? :D?

5. Bundling up, staying warm, cuddling by the fire, whatever! It's all awesome and should be done with hot chocolate near by ;)

And I'm throwing in the towel and I say good day. ;)

Toodles for meow :)!

RANDOM FACT ABOUT ME -- I love hot chocolate :D (And Chai Tea Latte's from Starbucks...) But really! Hot chocolate is delicious! Have you tried making it with mint tea water? Or with a candy cane in there? Well do it! (If you like mint...).

P.S. Did you notice the color?? :D (I had to come on my computer to link all of these up for you! Be grateful... ;l)


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