Wednesday, December 12, 2012

12:12:12 Giveaway! *CLOSED*


Alright people. This is sort of exciting. But not too exciting.
Here we are on the 12th day of the 12th month of the (20)12th year, and I'm doing a giveaway!

I've been considering doing a giveaway of sorts for a little bit now. Lately, my reader base has increased... and I think it's actually worth it to give this a try. Now I will tell you, I do have a few gifts to give away but they likely won't all appeal to each of you.

So first I'll start with the goods...

Sorry, I don't know how to flip this picture horizontally on here. But you get the drift. Benefit mini scent samplers. They're pretty good! :D

My favorite soap and winter scent from Bath & Body Works :D And also a candle, Winter Candy Apple...smells delish, trust me! (These I have as a set, just took it out to show you what it was).

This Paul Mitchell extrabody, shampoo and conditioner set.

This little festive Christmas set from Sephora (philosophy products).
4 different body washes and 1 lip gloss. (Sorry, again I didn't know how to flip it...haha).

A little lotion called Love Spell from Victorias Secret. (Smells pretty delish).

Corioliss, Brilliant Gloss Mist. (I've never tried it...I don't know of it's awesomeness)

I'll also be giving away a box of Ferrero Rocher and a box of Toffifee. As these are my favorite Christmas treats you can get from the store ;). They're delicious.

And last but not least, I will NOT be giving away George. I just want you to look at his cuteness.

Alright,so there are QUITE a few things to giveaway. And here's how this is going to work. You can enter your name to win any or all items you're interested in.

How do you enter?
WELL, to need to leave a comment (or a text, email, facebook comment, facebook message, whatever!) for each entry/item. In this comment, you will either tell me...
A) an exciting/entertaining or even meaningful story (ideally Christmas related) ;)
B) one genuinely nice thing about me (hey sometimes the Trudy needs love!)
C) one of your favorite blog posts on here so far, and why you like it
D) another awesome blogger that I'm missing out on, and why I should check them out!
E) your favorite thing about Christmas (put some heart into it) ;)
F) an awesome Christmas recipe that I NEED to make

Not too hard right?? I just feel like doing a giveaway!

 As I said, you can enter for just one thing, you can enter for ALL of them as long as you do a separate entry for each item. Make sure you say in the comment (text, email, facebook, etc) what the entry is for. I'm not quite sure what the finish date will be yet, but it'll go for at least a week (I'll let you guys know when I've picked the ending date). At the end of the contest, I'll take all the entries and do a draw for each if you're the only win by default!
OH! You're probably wondering if I'll ship out of Canada? I'm perfectly aware I have a few readers in the US and one in particular in Scotland ;)... and YES! It's all in! I love all you readers and I want everyone to have equal chance. Oh, and feel free to spread the news!

Any questions about the giveaway or any of the products, let me know!

So start now!
Email is for those who would prefer to email.



  1. I always get excited when I see that you have a new post up or that you've left a comment on mine. You're incredibly funny and seem very honest and comfortable with yourself, which comes through on your blog and makes you a great source of inspiration to me to do the same :)

    1. :D You're too kind. But this counts as an entry! Just need to know what you're interested in!

    2. Psssh too kind doesn't exist in my vocabulary! Just truth :) And I would love that candle!

  2. Fun giveaway! I love me some Ferrero's too during the holiday season!

  3. You need to make these brownies I just found on Pinterest

    Would love to win the Philosophy - Sparkle & Joy set

    1. This brownies do look pretty dang amazing!

      Thanks for stopping by Jill!
      You're entered :)

  4. Every Christmas Eve we go to our Candlelight Service at church. One of our members, who has an incredible voice, sings "O Holy Night" at the end and it give me chills every year! I love it.

    Would love to win the Corioliss Gloss Mist.

  5. Thank you for sharing the Hippo Christmas Song. I hadn't heard that one in years - it always makes me smile :)

    I love Bath & Body stuff - especially their candles.

    1. Hahaha. It had been a little bit for me as well.

      Bath & Body stuff smells addicting! haha

      Entered again!

  6. B) one genuinely nice thing about me (hey sometimes the Trudy needs love!)

    Your kitty is the most adorable thing I have even seen! I want to steal him!

    1. I know! haha. So cute!! But you didn't say what you wanted to be entered for!!

      (PS, thanks for stopping by :D)

  7. You know how I feel about Christmas...and If you have been following my "Photos of the Day" I have been saying little ditties about things I like/traditions....mostly I just like when the red Starbucks cups come out, the lattes taste more festive, and it makes me want to decorate, shop, and listen to my next fave thing, Christmas music....and I listen the Heck out of it!!! I love doing up christmas cards and mailing them out, even to my neighbours, cuz it is always fun to get them in the mail!! And wrapping presents...and anything christmas...I think I am part elf, and so it is always nice to meet someone who shares my affinity for elfiness!!! (but not like a LOTR elf, like a Buddy or Jolie kind) So, YAY to this time of year....but, I could do without the coldness) can enter me or not...I just wanted to share. But I do like smelly things and chocolate things.

    1. Haha. Alright! Which smelly things? And I'll enter you for both chocolates ;)

  8. Oh should check out this is from a long time ago....Pleasantly Reminiscent. It is ricks..

  9. Darn, I wish I saw this sooner! I would like to enter for the Bath and Body Works set, please :D

    I'm sure you already know that you are my favourite person to sing with. Ever. But I also love our little blog relationship that we have. Let's keep that going! And when you're down for the hoildays, can we pleeeaase have a musical jam sesh? I love it when we do that.

    1. Enter for as many darn things as you please! Ideally I want people to win that I don't have to mail to...(that's understandable, right??) but I'll give everyone equal chances for whatever they enter in for!

      Your vote is definitely in for that though ;)

      And I definitely want to try! What's your schedule like for this weekendish?

    2. Ooh, well if you insist... I'd also like to enter for the ferrero rocher and toffifee (Joe loooves those!)

      My absolute favourite thing about Christmas is going out to fort macleod with the family for our Christmas dinner and acting out the nativity. I can't decide if I love it most for the food or my family. Okay, I love it for the family!

      And as for this weekend... I do believe this friday is my free-est night as the family dinner I just talked about it happening on Saturday night. But during the daytime my schedule should be pretty open all weekend.

    3. Haha. Entered again! That's awesome! But don't kid know it's the food ;)

      And AH! We have a problem...I won't be coming down until Saturday, so I'll be getting there early afternoon Saturday...

    4. Yeah, I talked to your mom about that... Don't worry we'll figure it out. At least we get to sing on Sunday! :D

    5. Very true! Though we should likely practice that some time... haha